NEW VISIOMER® Terra product: VISIOMER® Terra Glyfoma

2nd May 2018

New addition to the VISIOMER® Terra product family: VISIOMER® Terra Glyfoma




Evonik is one of the world’s leading suppliers of methacrylate monomers and offers a series of partially bio-based products under the VISIOMER® Terra trademark that offer outstanding properties in a variety of applications. VISIOMER® Terra monomers also improve the CO2 balance throughout the supply chain and therefore contribute to resource efficiency.

The VISIOMER® Terra product family recently got a new member: VISIOMER® Terra Glyfoma. Among other features, this monomer makes it possible to produce low-odor, styrene-free composite resins based on vinyl esters. VISIOMER® Terra Glyfoma is partially bio-based, is label free and practically odorless. That makes it especially suitable for use in open systems.

Its physical properties are comparable with those of VISIOMER® MMA, with a glass transition temperature between 80 and 95°C as compared with 105°C for MMA. Since it has a lower vapor pressure than styrene or MMA, it provides systems with significantly reduced VOC (volatile organic compounds) contents.

Sustainability from Evonik: VISIOMER® Terra at a glance

Monomers of the VISIOMER® Terra product family consist of renewable raw materials and have been part of Evonik’s standard portfolio since 2014. “With VISIOMER® Terra, we can already offer our customers bio-based monomers with excellent end-use properties. Developing new products within the VISIOMER® Terra family is a firm component of our research. In this, we consistently pursue Evonik’s sustainability targets and simultaneously position ourselves as a reliable partner for sustainable, customer-specific solutions,” explains Dr. Martin Trocha, head of the Application Monomers Product Line.

VISIOMER® Terra IBOMA is a partially bio-based raw material for coating materials with a high solids content, which offers environmental benefits also in end use. The main component, camphene, consists of 100% renewable feedstock. Camphene is mainly obtained from pine resin, which is harvested without harming the trees. VISIOMER® Terra IBOMA enables the formulation of environmentally friendly paint resins with low VOC values, and reduces the viscosity of the resins.

VISIOMER® Terra C13-MA and Terra C17.4-MA are hydrophobic monomers that are able to significantly increase the hydrophobicity of water-based coatings. They are based on raw materials derived from natural fats.

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