Reagents for synthesis

2nd August 2017

Melrob-Eurolabs is pleased to announce an expansion to its fine chemical offering with the introduction of mini & semi bulk general reagents for synthesis

The product line includes

•   Acids in Solution
•   Amines in solution
•   Chlorination agents
•   Lewis acids in solution 
•   Butoxide solution
•   TBAF solution

All are cornerstone reagents within an organic chemistry laboratory and we can now offer in packs ranging from 5L in some cases up to 200L drums.

Our current offers

Acids in organic solvents are commonplace within the industry for acid catalysed deprotections as well as producing HCl salts. Bespoke molarity solutions of HCl in MeOH, EtOH, Dioxane, CPME & IPA. Indeed 6M HCl in IPA is becoming popular for Boc-Deprotection and crystallisation. We are also offering a very pure grade of Boron Trichloride in DCM at 1M which is a high purity grade suitable for use in the electronics industry.

Amines in solution are widely used in reductive amination reactions and in Mannich reactions. We can offer MeNH2, Me2NH, Me3N at 2M concentration in MeOH, EtOH & THF or up-to 50% in H2O. Also EtNH2 in THF at 2M and NH3 in MeOH up-to 7M or in Dioxane & THF at 0.5M.

Common chlorination agents offerings include Phosphorus Oxychloride (POCl3), Thionyl Chloride (SOCl2), Phosphorus Trichloride (PCl3) & Phosphorus Pentachloride (PCl5) as well as some Chlorine based Lewis acids in solution including Titanium Trichloride (TiCl3) 20% in 2M HCl, Titanium Tetrachloride (TiCl4) 1M in DCM and Zinc Chloride (ZnCl2) 1M in Ether.

Potassium tert-Butoxide (KOtBu) 1M in THF or t-BuOH and the very popular reagent for silyl deprotection Tetrabutylammonium Fluoride (TBAF) 1M in THF are also on offer.

Click here for details of pack sizes and a downloadable pdf

We hope these will act as a useful additional offering to our traditional organic intermediates portfolio, allowing our clients to access scale up quantities of these important reagents for their kilo lab and pilot plant projects.

Dr Graham Oakes

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