The NRC Group and Melrob at Fakuma 2018

9th November 2018




The NRC Group recently exhibited alongside staff from Melrob at Fakuma 2018 in Germany to meet customers and showcase our products and services as a globally active distribution company.

The latest developments in fields such as injection molding, extrusion technology and elastomers were the focus of Fakuma 2018.

The last few years have been characte­rised by a shortage of many raw materials and constant movement on the market side. Without the global movement of the raw material markets, neither innovative manufacturing processes nor new areas of application would be topics of discussion. For both the NRC Group and Melrob, these challenges have played integral roles in the expertise and services we offer.

As NRC’s Business Manager of Plastics and Additives Christian Schur remarks:

“Supply security continues to be a highly topical and stra­tegic issue to which we are devoting all our energy. In recent years, the ever­ increasing global interconnected­ness of pro­duct flows and the associated greater interdependence of economic regions have increasingly led to situations in which local disruptions in production have had global impact. The NRC Group’s now global presence makes it easier for us to network even more closely with different economic regions and thereby ensure even greater security in our supply chain.
What’s more, we see the shortages of certain raw materials as opportunities and challenges that drive us to work more closely with our customers and partners and to establish new products in the market.”

The NRC Group and Melrob have its own logistics chain, which as distributors of specialty chemicals puts us in a key position with manufacturers. This works to minimise fluctuations in supply, which in turn benefits our customers.

Ralf Meier, Business Manager of Flame Retardants, comments:

“When it comes to the shortage of raw materials, producers can rely on us to have suitable solutions. With our broad portfolio, we always have an answer – no matter what area our custo­mers need support in. Through commitment, expertise and sound partnerships, what we offer is constantly growing. For example, we are currently opening up a new market seg­ment in plastic films. In the field of flame retardant master­ batches, both halogen­ containing and halogen ­free, we also have our own NORD­MIN® series that comprises a large selection.”

Steve Tuffley, Melrob Business Manager – Plastics,  remarks:

“Fakuma was an excellent opportunity for Melrob to participate in a show with new NRC colleagues and to meet old and potential new principals. We discussed several new products lines, which we will be adding to our offering for the UK & Ireland and hence bringing even more solutions to our customers in these markets.”

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