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Innovative sourcing & supply

Melrob-Chemiplus and Melrob-Eurolabs are specialists within the Group for the supply of fine chemicals and intermediates. The product portfolio is continually evolving ensuring that we can respond to our customer’s development programmes for new and novel molecules.

This makes Melrob the ideal partner for R&D projects through to commercial production. 

• Rapid response to customer enquiries
• Sourcing novel compounds
• Dual-sourcing of products
• Scalable supply
• Full product traceability

Melrob – Eurolabs is offering an extensive range of key intermediates and speciality chemicals inclusive of custom synthesis of advanced intermediates.

Our new series of highly functionalised and highly reactive small molecules (including β-propiolactone) are available in multiple kilo lots from 1-1000kg.

The portfolio includes two distinct Methyl and Ethyl substituted Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons olefination reagents, along with Diethoxy and Dimethoxy Propionate which have been used in a variety of methods for heterocycle construction.

In addition the two Hajos-Parrish Ketones (or Dione) are common building blocks in Steroid chemistry and are available in high purity and ee.

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Propargyl alcohol (CAS No. 107-19-7)

For more information and sample requests please contact the Fine Chemicals team.


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